11°S XX°E – Deadly Temples of Peril

11°S XX°E – Deadly Temples of Peril is an open world roguelite adventure platformer. Explore an archipelago in the Pacific, full of hostile environments and deadly sites. Survive cursed temples, caves and collapsing mines. Uncover ancient treasures that will help you on your adventures. Find the treasure and return home.

Platforms: PC, Mac

Release date: 2024


Plan your expedition route on the treasure map and then experience it in platformer fashion.


The jungle awaits the adventurer with his deadly emrace. Deep within slumber remains of an ancient civilisation. Explore the jungle, beaches and even the sea to uncover mysterious sites, secret treasures and more.


These sites consist of uncountable deadly chambers, filled to the ceiling with deadly traps and evil creatures. Do you dare to enter the constantly changing sites and take on a new challenge every time? When reach the holiest part of a temple, you will find valuable treasures! They will accompany and support you on your adventures!

Friendship & Romance

The romance system allows all characters to form relationships with any other character: a first meeting, friendship and ultimately... love!
When the bonds are strong enough, they will receive valueable personal keepsakes: powerful upgrades, that may tip the scales towards survival.

Many Characters

Luckily, you are not alone! Your clique of adventurer friends will accompany you on your expedition. How many passengers have survived the plane crash? Nobody knows, but they are all fully playable. Each with their individual abilities and own agenda. And every single character will find its own range of treasures.

Uncover treasures

The archipelago has served as a hiding place for all sorts of treasures for centuries. Follow the clues, solve the puzzles and find the treasure.


  • iconunique combination of open world and platforming
  • iconsurvive ever changing deadly sites
  • iconsecret treasures everywhere
  • icon uncover 100+ items and powerups
  • icon 128+ enemies to fight
  • icon 3+ playable characters
  • iconromance system
  • icon grind free experience - it depends on your skill
  • icon chip tune soundtrack


11°S XX°E – Deadly Temples of Peril is currently in development.